Spider Veins before treatment

Spider Veins before treatment

These are detected as unsightly red/blue or purple sunburst or web patterns made by small veins. They can appear on the face, arms or legs and are located just below the skin surface. Up to 40% of all females are affected by spider veins and some of these spider veins may be associated with varicose veins.

Spider veins can be connected to deeper veins called reticular veins. It is important to treat these reticular veins as well in order to achieve good aesthetic results. Spider veins usually have no symptoms but some may grow larger, bleed or even cause itching.

What Are the Causes for Spider Veins?

The cause of spider veins is unclear, for some patients it is familial whilst for others, it develops due to certain risk factors like occupation with prolonged standing, hormonal changes and pregnancy. Treatment involves a combination of laser and sclerotherapy. Some spider veins may reappear but can still be effectively treated. Success rates can vary from 50-90% and depends on numerous individual patient factors.


  • Injection Sclerotherapy
  • Laser Treatment

Which treatment is right for you? 

Dr Sanjay believes that patients that understand their condition make informed decisions and reap the most satisfactory outcome. With his unique patient- centred approach, Dr Sanjay explains to all of his patients the nature and treatment options of their vein condition. As a patient, you will be included in the decision making treatment process.

Before any treatment is suggested, all patients receive educational material, have a full history taken by Dr Sanjay and undergo a complete clinical examination which may include a duplex ultrasound to evaluate the venous circulation. After the examination and consultation, you will understand the nature of your vein condition and then treatment options can be discussed to cater to your individual needs.